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Woods Whys Webinars

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An Exploration of Forests and Forestry, by Michael Snyder. When you find a great book, do you wish you could chat with the author? Now you can. Every first Thursday of the month* at 7:30pm, Vermont Forests, Parks, and Recreation Commissioner Michael Snyder will join us for a reading and discussion of one or more of the collected essays in Woods Whys. Whatever your level of experience, from novice to seasoned professional, you’ll find Michael to be not only an exceptionally knowledgeable forester but also an engaging storyteller. Each essay aims to teach people more about trees, forests, and forest management-and, by doing so, to help them become more connected to the woods around them. Bring your own questions for an interactive reading celebrating the magic of forests. VT Woodlands Association and the VT Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation are pleased to kick off this series on Thursday, December 3, 2020. Make this your once-a-month virtual evening entertainment for the whole family. .

Wallingford balsams to Capitol and Dartmouth

The Capitol Christmas Tree this year came from a property in Wallingford.

Len Cadwallader co-owns the Brookvale property with his wife, Mary Ann Cadwallader. The tree farm has been in the family since Len Cadwallader’s grandparents purchased it in the 1930s.

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Did you miss the tree coming into the capital? Watch it here!

Previously held Tours of Vermont Tree Farms

WALK IN THE WOODS: Wildlife Benefits of a Timber Harvest at the Stone Tree Farm in Wallingford, VT
Part of the Woods, Wildlife and Warblers program and the Habitat for Heat program
2017 Vermont Outstanding Tree Farm Tour 

Thank you to all the community members, family members, and VWA members and friends who made the 2017 Vermont Outstanding Tree Farm Tour a success. We had three well-attended and informative tours of 361-acre Stoner Family Tree Farm (Tree Farm #1591). The Stoners purchased the land in 1983 and are committed to making a difference through their stewardship. The Stoners have worked over the last 30 years to keep their land important to three generations of their family.

We are very thankful for our local farms and sponsors who generously provided food for the event:

2016 Vermont Outstanding Tree Farm Tour
Kevin and Emmy Hall (above) in Braintree, Vermont

Saturday October 1, 2016

Thank you to all that joined us for the 2016 Vermont Tree Farmer of the Year tour of Tree Farm #344 (120 acres) set in the beautiful hills of Braintree, VT. Kevin and Emmy Hall own and operate three Tree Farms in Braintree that focus on maple sugaring and timber production with a special consideration for water quality protection, recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat and of course aesthetics.

75th Anniversary of Tree Farm – Picnic at Shelburne Farms
August 28, 2016
2015 Outstanding Vermont Tree Farmer of the Year Tour

On September 12, 2015 at David Paganelli’s Clover Hill Tree Farm in So. Strafford, VT, over 100 people gathered to attend the 2015 Outstanding Vermont Tree Farmer of the Year Tour. Two concurrent sessions were offered in the morning and afternoon. In Session 1, attendees joined Dave Wilcox and Paul Harwood. Dave spoke about care of wild apple trees, including release, pruning, mowing, liming, grafting and demonstrated how these things are done. Paul demonstrated forest stand improvement work and explain how manipulating species composition and improving stem quality affects future timber value. They both discussed the importance of establishing and maintaining a proper road, trail and landing system.

During Session 2, participants joined Toby Alexander, Steve Hagenbuch and John Buck. John spoke about vertical and horizontal structure and how it impacts habitat for a broad range of wildlife species. Steve talked about forest structure and how it impacts bird habitat. Toby discussed the range of NRCS practices that help to enhance wildlife habitat, create and maintain forest openings, reduce soil erosion, treat invasive plants and improve the quality of young forests managed for timber. Special thanks to Sun Edison for their sponsorship!

2014 Outstanding Vermont Tree Farmer of the Year Tour

On September 13, 2014, Alan Calfee and TTM Associates hosted a tour of the 2014 Outstanding Tree Farm of the Year. Their 619-acre Tree Farm is in the towns of Rupert and Dorset in the beautiful Mettowee Valley of southern Vermont. Nearly 50 people showed up to celebrate and network with others on a sunny but brisk fall morning. Great food was provided by the Williams Deli in Dorset.

One of four optional tours offered that day. This tour focused on Mettowee River, fish habitats,
riparian zones, and management.
Above on right, Chris Alexopolus, Fisheries Specialist, USFS
2013 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Tour

On September 14, 2013, John Hemenway was honored with the 2013 Vermont Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year award at the Hemenway Tree Farm #22 in Strafford, VT. Tours began at 9am sharp, and the many attendees chose one of three tours being offered, which included discussions on 60 years of timber management in Taylor Valley, the archaeological / cultural importance of an 1800s farm community, or wildlife habitats and management. Folks then went to the Strafford Town Hall at 12:30 for lunch, followed by presentation of the OTFY award.

2012 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Tour: Kathleen and Allen Yale’s property in Derby, VT

Members of the public attended the 2012 Vermont Tree Farmer of the Year Tour on Saturday, September 15. The tour highlighted various aspects of management, like control of invasives, bank stabilization, and stream crossings, and included a sawmill demonstration. 2009 Tree Farmer of the Year Trevor Evans and Alan Robertson, VT Tree Farm Co-chairperson, assisted Yale during the tour. Natural resource professionals from Vermont Coverts, Northwoods Stewardship Center, and Natural Resource Conservation Service were also on hand. The property has been a certified Tree Farm since 1978.  Thank you to our sponsors Firstwind Energy LLC, Price Chopper, and Shaw’s of Derby.

Allen Yale accepts his TFOY award at the 2012 Annual Meeting. Pictured left to right: Kathy Beland, Al Robertson, Jayson Benoit, Allen Yale and Paul Harwood.


Forestry School

Vermont Woodlands offers four one-day Forestry School workshops throughout Vermont  If you want to be a good steward for your forestland and learn land management you should attend these topic-specific workshops. Using classroom discussion and field work participants are given hands-on opportunities and access to professionals who can answer questions.