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Pioneer Tree Farm Certification Preview

Throughout the past year the Pioneer Enews has delved into the American Tree Farm System’s Standards of Sustainability to help prospective tree farmers better understand the requirements needed to become and remain a certified Tree Farm. Now that that series is finished, in the coming months the Enews will be looking at what comes next after becoming a tree farmer: “I am a certified tree farmer. What’s next?”

Upon receiving tree farm certification there are several things a tree farmer can do some of which include:
 Displaying your tree farm sign and talking to others about Tree Farm
 Sign up to receive AFF’s Woodland Magazine and other woodland-related literature to keep you informed
 Continue your education by attending workshops, Woods Walks, and webinars
 Think long term and learn about legacy planning
 Host a Woods Walk on your property
 Share what you are doing on the VT Tree Farm website

The series will help prepare you for what to expect when certification is achieved, and help get your feet underneath you as you start in the program.

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