Climate Change Tree Farmers

Launching an Innovative Collaboration Between Landowners and Consumers for Climate Change

The American Forest Foundation (AFF) and IvyCo, a financial technology startup, are launching an innovative collaboration to fight climate change by bringing together family forest owners and individual consumers through the Family Forest Carbon Program (FFCP). This Program was co-created by AFF and The Nature Conservancy to bring together rural family forest owners and companies to address climate change. Together, IvyCo and the FFCP are working to address challenges in scaling the voluntary carbon markets to increase the potential of family forests as a critical natural climate solution.

IvyCo creates products to empower individuals to fight climate change with their everyday purchases. By connecting to an individual’s bank accounts through secure Open Banking technology, IvyCo analyzes spending patterns to help users understand their largest areas of climate impact. More than just educating about carbon intensive spending, IvyCo lets users round up their spare change to fund decarbonization efforts, including the FFCP. These micro-transaction round ups lead to a significant impact over time—every $11 raised for the FFCP leads to improved management of an acre of family-owned forests.


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