Crews erect 48-foot Christmas tree at Vermont Capitol

Many Vermonters may have seen that the VT Capitol Christmas tree was cut in Wallingford from the Cadwallader Family’s property, for the second time. This property has been a Certified Tree Farm for over 50 years, managing the forestland sustainably with wood, water, wildlife and recreation as part of their management goals. Thirty years ago, they planted black walnut seedlings, in a hard to navigate hay field, with balsam fir as companions to help the walnuts grow straight and hopefully without branches. The deer took care of many of those balsam trees, but left a few. This year, Leonard Cadwallader finally gleaned some walnuts from his orchard. Congratulations to the Cadwallader family for having a tree chosen for Vermonters two years in a row!

A large Balsam Fir tree was erected Friday in front of the Vermont State House, continuing an annual tradition in the capital.

The 48-foot-tall Balsam Fir was donated by Cadwallader Farm in Wallingford and driven by a trucking group from East Montpelier. Transportation officials assisted in the process, escorting the oversized tree to its temporary home.

In the past, the tree has been lit with white string lights ahead of the holiday. No similar plans for a lighting have been publicly announced this fall.

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