About Tree Farm

The Vermont Tree Farm Program is designed to assist forest-land owners in managing their woodlands in a sustainable manner while protecting Vermont’s watersheds and wildlife habitat, conserving soil and providing recreation, and, at the same time, producing wood products on a sustainable basis. Sponsored by the Vermont Woodlands Association, it is part of the American Tree Farm System under the auspices of the American Forest Foundation

Currently, the Vermont Tree Farm Program has 440 Certified Tree Farms managing over 133,000 acres.  While a few of these members grow Christmas trees or operate monoculture tree plantations, most manage mixed forests of native trees at various stages of maturity.

Through the American Trees Farm System, Vermont Tree Farmers are certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). This international organization ensures that these forest lands are managed to the highest standards of sustainability. 

I am proud to celebrate the American Tree Farm System’s 75th anniversary and our nation’s tree farmers who help to provide wildlife habitat, clean water and a sustainable wood supply from our working forests.  On my own tree farm in Middlesex, Vermont, I have seen firsthand many of the incredible challenges our nation’s family forestlands are facing from growing development pressures, invasive forest pests, a rapidly changing climate, economic and technical transitions in the timber industry, and devastating wildfires.  The American Tree Farm System provides vital support and tools to forestland owners to respond to these challenges.

Senator Patrick Leahy